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I provide my clients with high-quality translation services in English, Japanese, and Bulgarian languages at reasonable prices.


I work with native speakers of the target languages who have a Ph.D., M.A., or M.Sc for accurate and natural-sounding translations in major technical fields. I also offer translation services for audio. 


I ensure the quality of our translation by selecting the optimal native translator for each job based on their field of expertise. After the translation is completed, the other translator checks the work to ensure quality.  

I guarantee the confidentiality of the information provided by my clients.




I offer my services at reasonable prices while maintaining a steady level of quality. I also offer discounts with pricing tied to job size. Free estimation is available. Send your document with your deadline, using the form below or e-mail. I will get back to you with an estimate shortly (typically within 1-3 hours). Price is subject to the technical field of the document. Estimations will be also available at USD and BGN.


Screenshot 2021-07-22 at 23.44.26.png

I accept payment through bank transfer (Sumitomo Mitsui Banking in Japan/Central Cooperative Bank in Bulgaria) or credit cards via PayPal. Bank information and link for credit card payment option are provided in the e-mail with estimation. Our clients are required to pay within 3 days from delivery of the product. 


料金の支払いは完成品の納入後3日以内に、見積もりに記載された口座への振込(三井住友銀行・Central Cooperative Bank)もしくはPayPalによるクレジットカード払いによりお願いしております。

Estimate Form/お見積もり

Thank you very much for your interest. Please send the document as an attachment to

I will get back to you with an estimate shortly (typically within 1-3 hours). 


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